Taxicam Video

Taxicam Video

Connecticut, Chicago, Phoenix, Columbus and Toronto upgrade to the new G6 TaxiCam

2013 saw the highly anticipated introduction of the G6 TaxiCam into a number of key US and Canadian markets. The North American launch came 12 months after the very successful initial launch of the G6 camera in the Australian market, with 5,000 G6 cameras being installed in the State of Victoria alone.

The image quality of the G6 TaxiCam exceeds that of earlier generations of TaxiCam, while adding additional features to enable fleets to better monitor the performance of their drivers. Optional integrated g-force sensors and high fidelity microphones are available for the G6 cameras, together with real-time reporting of all recorded events. These optional features are typically specified by operators of large taxi fleets as well as courier fleets, school buses and police vehicles.

In addition to the recording and reporting of g-force events, the G6 TaxiCam can be programmed with all the posted speed limits, of all the streets, in a city and can monitor the vehicle's speed and record and/or report a speeding event whenever a speed limit is exceeded. At the same time, the G6 TaxiCam can also provide an audible warning to the driver and passengers.

All the US and Canadian fleets that purchased the G6 TaxiCam also integrated the camera systems with their dispatch systems. All fleets have reported significant reductions in the number of collisions and in their operating costs; typically, the savings are such that the cost of the entire camera system is recovered in less than 8 months. The same fleets also reported higher customer satisfaction levels and increased ridership.

In Europe, the small size and low power requirements of the G6 has allowed it to be installed on police and emergency services motorcycles operating in large congested cities such as London, Paris and Amsterdam.

As of January 2014, VerifEye had sold over 106,000 TaxiCam systems to taxis, limousines, shuttles and paratransit vehicles around the world. In addition to taxis, VerifEye sells IP cameras, analog cameras and a range of CCTV systems for other land transportation and mobile applications such as courier fleets, armored cars, school buses, transit buses and trains, as well as to government agencies, such as police, other law enforcement, ambulance and fire services.