Product Family Overview

FEATURES TaxiCam <sub><i>SC</i></sub>TaxiCam <sub><i>G5</i></sub>TaxiCam <sub><i>G4</i></sub>TaxiCam <sub><i>QCR</i></sub>TaxiCam <sub><i>G6</i></sub>V 4600StreetMentor
Specifically designed for vehicle use        
Consumer grade flash memory (4GB)        
Industrial grade flash memory (up to 1GB)        
Industrial grade flash memory (up to 32GB)        
Removable ruggedized hard disk drive (up to 160GB)        
Removable camera and/or controller unit        
Fire-proof/submersion-proof/crash-proof data storage       
Privacy protection features        
Legal chain-of-evidence integrity features        
1 camera capable        
3 camera capable        
4 camera capable        
Monochrome camera(s) - optimized for night images        
Color camera(s)       
Trigger-augmented continuous recording        
Continuous recording        
Pre-alarm and pre-event image recording        
Field programmable trigger configuration *       
Factory pre-set event triggering/image recording **        
Partitioned/protected memory        
G-force activated trigger        
G-force activated trigger option    
Audio option      
GPS mapping option   
Integrates with route planning software        
Wireless download option    
System inspection and history-of-use audit features        
Benefits: Fit and forget        

* "Installer" required
** "Installer" not required